Grow A Healthier Lawn

Grow A Healthier Lawn

Give your Battle Creek, MI lawn the TLC it needs with core aeration

Core aeration is the process of creating small holes in your lawn to make fertilizers and pesticides more effective. Using a unique aeration machine, core aeration is a simple process that can boost the growth of healthier, lusher grass easily.

As part of our specialty lawn care, Brad's Lawn Services provides a yearly aeration service based out of Battle Creek, MI. Our lawn care professionals have the knowledge and equipment to encourage a healthier, greener and fuller lawn. With our aeration service, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn for longer.

Get in touch with us to learn how core aeration can benefit your lawn in Battle Creek, MI & the surrounding areas; call (269) 589-9458 today.

Why aerate your lawn?

Compacted soil keeps water and fertilizer from reaching the grass roots, preventing grass from growing a healthy root system. With core aeration, air, water and fertilizer can get to the root system easily. Core aeration:

  • Promotes healthier grass
  • Decreases weed growth
  • Reduces water runoff
  • Minimizes soil compaction
  • Enhances drought tolerance

Allow your Battle Creek, MI yard to grow a little fuller this year by scheduling your annual aeration service with Brad's Lawn Services. Call (269) 589-9458 today!